Meet Jamie

My name is Jamie Simpson and I would like to talk about my journey to better health and my life altering experience with Dr. Cole and his staff.

I was sent to Dr. Cole by my physician at the University of Michigan hospital. I was critically ill, completely dependent on others for my care, and was quickly losing hope. I had exhausted all avenues of treatment with conventional medicine and at the end of my rope. I decided to give Dr. Cole a chance as I hadn’t nothing left to lose. This is a decision I soon learned I would never regret. 

This has not been an easy journey, nor a short one, everyday was a battle. I don’t live in Ohio, so coming here for treatment was a solitary journey as my friends and family are all back in Michigan. I am grateful for the staff at The Cole Center for Healing, they treat you like a person, not a statistic, and that your health and wellbeing are important. This makes the healing process a little more bearable. 

Gradually under Dr. Cole’s care, I am getting better everyday. I am no longer dependent on others to help with my daily routine, and I no longer feel I am fighting for my life every day. I now feel as if I have a greatly improved quality of life.

Dr. Cole and staff have given me my life back and for that I am eternally grateful.