Meet Mitch

My name is Mitch Thompson and I’d like to relate my story of how the Cole Center and Cincinnati Hyperbarics have helped me achieve amazing results by treating my prostate cancer.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008. It’s a form of cancer that is measured by PSA levels in the blood. When I found that I had it, I was plenty concerned. My levels were pretty well advanced, with a score of over 250. But, I’m the kind of guy who values good information and I wanted to give myself the best possible chance of whipping this illness and having a normal life. And there’s a lot of information on prostate cancer treatments and procedures to learn about.

I believe the body has amazing natural recuperative powers when given the right input, like good diet and properly applied treaments of natural medicine. So, I began researching those options that would give me the most solid foundation for healing. And after discovering Dr. Cole, the decision for me to begin treatments at the Center, was, well, a natural one. I was particularly impressed with what I learned about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how it fortifies the body’s natural ability to combat illness and promote healing. So, I made the commitment to drive from my home in Indianapolis for regular treatments at Cincinnati Hyperbarics and it has been a solid decision from the start. Not only have I seen a huge drop in my PSA level, I feel better overall from the medical care and attention I receive from Dr. Cole and his team.

Let me tell you, this is a great group of people and they’ve made a big difference in my life and others I’ve met through the Center. I’m really grateful to have such a professional and caring group working alongside me.